Innovate for Impact blog series

The Knowledge Institute recently collaborated with the Centre for Community Child Health, the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Health and Human Services in Melbourne, Victoria to present Innovate for Impact – a week long learning progrram in September 2018.
The new ‘Innovate for Impact’ blog series explores seven themes that were touched on across the learning program. The blog series is co-authored by Jamie Gamble (Imprint Consulting), Penny Hagen (Auckland Co-design Lab) and Kate McKegg (The Kinnect Group) in collaboration with Sue West from the Centre for Community Child Health.
Access the blog series as they are released:

  1. “Risk is not destiny” (an introductory message)
  2. Converging Practices https://blogs.rch.org.au/ccch/2019/03/20/innovate-for-impact-converging-practices/
  3. Moving away from just programmes and services https://blogs.rch.org.au/ccch/2019/03/27/a-move-away-from-just-programs-and-services/
  4. On power, privilege and possibilities https://blogs.rch.org.au/ccch/
  5. Evidence for innovation
  6. Procurement for innovation
  7. Opportunities in place
  8. Innovation as ethical practice.

By The Knowledge Institute
co-authored by Jamie Gamble, Penny Hagan and Kate McKegg.