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The Knowledge Institute Limited works alongside organisations, building on their own ‘know how’ to develop evaluative skills and knowledge as well as practical evaluation tools, frameworks and approaches so that they are better able to improve and adapt what they do, and ultimately improve their performance.

We can assist your organisation to evaluate your planning processes, program development, implementation and effectiveness; we can also support your organisation to build its internal evaluative capacity so you are able to self evaluate, learn, adapt and renew; we can assist you to find good external evaluation support and expertise as well as providing evaluation coaching and training for your people.

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Some of the ways we can assist you include:

  • Assisting your organisation to develop its evaluative system to monitor and evaluate the quality and value of any program or policy.
  • Training and supporting your staff to develop the skills and ‘know how’ to be able to monitor and evaluate what they do, using practical evaluation methods to obtain reliable, and robust evaluative findings.
  • Supporting your organisation to develop performance measurement systems that provide useful, actionable information about the quality and value of what you do.
  • Ensuring your organisation gets the best value it can out of your evaluation, research and performance measurement investment.
  • Carrying out evaluation or research on your behalf.

The Knowledge Institute Limited also offers and is involved in providing business and training seminars regularly throughout New Zealand.

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